Police and Working With Children Checks

Police and Working With Children Checks

National Criminal History Check – Police checks

It is a requirement that all health care workers must have a police check every year.
This is for work in:

  • ALL Public and Private Hospitals
  • ALL Residential Aged Care facilities
  • ALL Sub Acute Care Hospitals

Apply for Your National Criminal History Check

  • At Alliance Health it is a requirement that all employees hold a current National Criminal History Check (NCHRC). If the NCHRC is over three years old, it is expired. To obtain a NCHRC you can apply for one at your local police station or alternatively we can process them for you at our office for a fee. 

Working With Childrens Check’s

Information About Getting your WWCC

  • WWCC’s are a legal requirement for all staff working in any pediatric areas. If you do not have a WWCC, we can help you apply for the WWCC online
  • All Home Care AINs are required to hold a WWCC, even if they are not directly working with a child client, there may still be family members in the house
  • It is illegal to use a free Volunteer check for paid employment

How to Apply for Your Working With Children Check

Click here to begin your WWCC application. 

  • After completing your online application you will need to go to your local Roads & Maritimes Services (RMS) Building to be identified and pay the fees involved.
  • Once the RMS has completed this check process they will send you an email with your Working with Children Check number. This needs to be forwarded to the office via email or provided over the phone, as we confirm this online and can update your details on our system.
  • Some facilities will ask to see your WWCC on commencement of duties so please make sure you carry this at all times or risk being sent home on arrival.