Flu vaccinations

Flu vaccinations

Protect your staff and your community

Each year in Australia flu causes an estimated 18,000 hospitalisations, 1,500,000 lost work days and 300,000 doctor visits. By vaccinating your staff you not only protect yourself and your workers but you help to stop the spread of flu to families and the wider community.

Healthy working adults vaccinated against flu have nearly half the number of doctor’s visits and sick days compared to those who are unvaccinated. That’s why we provide flexible programs to suit the needs of any business — large or small. By holding an on-site flu vaccination clinic you save lost work time and ensure greater staff participation as staff do not need to take time off to visit their own doctor.

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Our professional immunisation team of Registered Nurses will visit your workplace, office, workshop or industrial site at a time that suits you and your staff.


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